Velvi (Holy Penance)

The word ‘Velvi’ means purification of thoughts. Purity of thoughts. An art of rejuvenating, regenerating the entire planet earth, the whole universe by the possibility of existential purest consciousness. It is a conscious means of structuring and processing the purest noble thoughts. The entire process is done by directing a powerful noble thought of purest high frequency vibration, in a condensed form, directly into the space of highest medium, in such a way that the thoughts are structured , aligned and tuned so beautifully, to be easily transmitted and absorbed by all the molecules in the cosmos, and ultimately to be received by all the likeminded souls of the universe for peace, harmony and happiness.

Any thought pattern emitted out in the process of Velvi, is definite to take it structural form. It descends down as reality. This is made possible only by the awakened beings of the universe. The soul, when it descends down as Avatars" on this universe, for some great purpose, are capable of connecting their dynamic energy totally with the cosmic energy. The depletion of energy through five senses is totally arrested by high contemplation.

This is Velvi . This state ensures 100 percent cosmic Connection, and 0 percent energy depletion. The energy expelled out in this state of awareness triggers the entire universe, to shed it's pollutions and assures transformation for its complete. harmonization.

"Velvi" in Tamil language means Penance. Through ages, in India, it has been a classical example for the process of "Materialization of Intentions". Indian sub-continent is the foremost to discover that thoughts can be materialized if they are given intensity. The sages of ancient India devised numerous methodologies by with one can intensify the thoughts that are wanted to be materialized.

For the sake of Universal welfare and Universal Peace, Gurumahan undergoes Holy Penance called ‘Velvi’ in the month of Dec.-Jan for 21 days every year by adopting himself into deep meditation inside the Pranava Alayam (Holy Pyramid) abstaining from food and from vicinity of the public. So far 26 Holy Penances have been performed till these 26 years.

In December 1991 first time Gurumahan undertook a 21 days Holy Penance for the upliftment of the spiritual values of the people. He was in deep Meditation in 'Deiveeham', his house in Bhavani, letting himself locked in a room without food, water, speech and seeing none. He emerged after 21 days of deep meditation, on 07/01/1992, which was Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan's Samadhi day. This 1st penance was consecrated to the element Earth.

Thereafter the next year, from 16.12.1992 to 10.01.1993, the velvi or Holy Penance for 24 days was held at Bhavani in a thatched pyramid shelter on a rock on the confluence of the rivers Bhavani, Kaveri and Amutha. This penance was for water. After completion of this Penance he was affectionately named as “Jagatguru Maha Maharishi Paranjothiar by all disciples.

The Third velvi, which commenced on December 16th 1993 till 07/01/1994, was performed in a pyramid underground constructed in Green Park in Salem on the slopes of a hill. This was held for the fertility of the soil around the world so that the agriculture flourish well. The Fourth velvi, called ‘Satya Yuga Prastha Velvi’ the Pancha Agni Velvi, was conducted in the pyramid at our own place in Thirumurthi Hills at the land bought through the unconditional donation of our disciple, Mr. William Bhoopala Joseph, and the pyramid according to the right dimensions was constructed designed by our disciple Meignanasiriyar. Rabi Ahmad, an Engineer. This penance was conducted for the element of Fire. Each Year Gurumahan focuses on certain issues and meditates for solution of the same during Velvi. Unto this year he has performed 26 Holy Penances for the sake of Universal Peace.

Disciples around the world visit Gnanapeedam during the penance time to undergo special meditation passing peace vibration through meditation Every penance bears some main objects for which the penance being performed. The Disciples of Gurumahan and other visitors also take part in the Velvi. They perform meditation in separate pyramid situated near Pranava Aalayam and passing peace vibration through meditation Many people consider it so noble and holy to offer food to the visiting yogis for the penance. Special meditation practice is given to all disciples in our Gnanapeedam coming for the penance enabling them to sit for the meditation for many hours.

Every Day hundreds of disciples and visitors from several countries participate in Velvi to support Gurumahan's mission. On the 21st Day, Gurumahan emerges out of Pranava Alayam and that day marks a huge celebration for Universal Peace Foundation. Several thousands of people flock to the Gnanapeedam to get the Darshan (sight) of Gurumahan and to listen to his discourse. On that day, Gurumahan ends his penance with a glass of milk or fruit juice and delivers a discourse, which usually is of global importance, with subtle take for every listener.

The Velvi period is not only important for every disciple of Gurumahan and Universal Peace Foundation, but for this world at its subtle level. After all, Velvi is performed only for the goodwill of this world. Anyone who has the urge to do something for global peace is most welcome to be a part of "Global Peace Mission"