Practices to be observed

Santhosham! By doing meditation (velvi /penance) one can bring goodness to the world, goodness to the Universe. It is a duty of every practitioner to practice meditation for self realization and duty consciousness The Universe will be peaceful and harmonious.

You will realize you are part of Paranjothi and peace will be given to the universe by Paranjothi. My beloved practitioners, My Holy blessings to you to realize yourself and do your duties respectively.

Practices to be observed during Prabhanja Nala Maha Dhava Velvi

Keep the wellness of Body, Mind, Intellect & Self.

Body purification

  • Bathe twice a day
  • Wear clean cloths

Food recommendations

  • Satvik food
  • 2 meals per day
  • Fasting once per week


  • Shashanka-Bhujangasana - 10 times
  • Thoppukaranam - 10 times
  • Surya Namaskar - 2 times
  • Relaxation - few minutes

Samaseer Pranayamam - 12 times

  • Inhale - 5 sec
  • Hold - 5 sec
  • Exhale - 5 sec
  • Silence/ No breath - 5 sec

Positive thinking

  • Think good thoughts
  • Say good words
  • Do good deeds
  • Self introspection & write personal journal
  • Read Book, Listen audio/video


  • Do at least one or two per day below
  • Service through your body
  • Service through your mind
  • Service through your Intellect
  • Service through your wealth


  1. Universal Peace can only be achieved through Individual peace
  2. Universal wellness can only be achieved through Individual wellness
  3. Universal betterment can only be achieved through Individual Meditation( Velvi/ penance)

To be observed for all practitioners during Dhava Velvi

  • Kundalini yoga practitioners can practice the following advice from anywhere.
  • Gurumahan recommends all the kundalini yoga practitioners to meditate three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening – 15-20 min each) during this velvi period for the individual and universal peace. This is an excellent time for us to uplift our souls spiritually.
  • Remember to focus your mind at your forehead for a minute for each hour, this will help to keep you feel the energy all the time.
  • Focus at your Forehead eye (Ajna) and crest eye (Sahasrara) whenever you find time.
  • Satvic food (vegetarian diet) is recommended.
  • Whenever you do meditation think that you are sitting inside the holy pyramid (Pranavalayam) and receiving energy from the apex of the Pranavalayam