Pranavalayam (The Holy Pyramid)

Pyramids – the structures that have always fascinated people down the ages. The studies of Pyramids reveal that they have a unique capacity to draw maximum quantum of cosmic energy and retain them for longer time, which has been cited as the main reason for postponement of the decay process of whatever perishable placed in it. Further studies have revealed that even a razor kept inside a pyramid shaped plastic box can be used for longer durations. One can just imagine, what can happen if a person spends time inside a pyramid. His body and mind definitely receives the healing effects that help him/her to rejuvenate and even recover from ailments.

Pranava Alayam also called Pranavalayam, the Divine Pyramid situated in the campus of Universal Peace Foundation at Thirumurthi Hills is the abode of eternal cosmic energy. "Pranava" in Sanskrit means "the primordial energy" and "Alayam" refers to the "Dwelling Place". So, "Pranavalayam" is the name which signifies the dwelling place of the primordial energy that is pervading this universe.

Though every pyramidal structure has the property of conservation and retention of cosmic energy, Pranavalayam has its own significance. Every December, for 21 days, His Holiness Gurumahan performs the Holy Penance inside Pranavalayam. Studies conducted using GDV device have shown results that the energy levels go much higher after Gurumahan completes his penance every time and the same level is maintained for longer durations. In this sense, one can understand that Pranavalayam is more powerful in receiving and sustaining the cosmic energy.

Pranavalayam serves as a catalyst for many occurrences. In the vicinity of Pranavalayam, people have experienced a greater peace, inner silence and abundance of energy. For many, the creative powers which were dormant till that time were unleashed, paving way for expression of their being in the form of art, poetry, literature, musical notes, solutions to problems or new ideas for personal growth and development. Regular Pranavalayam meditation for few days has shown visible cure for diseases and ailment for many.

Pranavalayam catalyzes many positive effects:

  • People who suffer from long time ailments have possibilities of heal and cure
  • People become free from confusions and oscillations and obtain clarity of thoughts
  • Creativity and Positive emotions fountain from within
  • All wishes, ambitions and goals get materialised and fulfilled
  • Negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, worries, fears etc get alleviated
  • People get rejuvenated physically, physiologically, psychologically and spiritually attaining holistic wellness
  • People get a clear direction to lead a fulfilling life with apex health, wealth, happiness and peace

To receive the powers of Pranavalayam and accelerate the betterment process, visitors can perform circumambulation of Pranavalayam with prayers of wishes and desires. Every Year, thousands of people visit Pranavalayam, perform circumambulations and get benefited by its power, be it health and wellness, ambitions, personal growth and development and many more.

People are also permitted in batches to meditate inside Pranavalayam. To facilitate better reception and synchronization of energy and to reach focus, people are initiated into meditation by wisdom teachers authorized by His Holiness Gurumahan. People can plan their stay in the Universal Peace Foundation Campus and perform circumambulation and meditation at Pranavalayam for an extended period of time to achieve better results. It is a daily routine that all disciples participating in the early morning meditation from 5 am to 6 am, are allowed to meditate inside the Pranavalayam for 20 minutes after circumambulation of the Pranavalayam for three times. The dress code for meditation inside the Pranavalayam is white and white.

Universal Peace Foundation extends warm invitation to people across the globe to visit Pranavalayam and gain happiness, peace and fulfilment in every walk of life, at a quicker phase.